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Our History

Anthony L Page Real Estate was founded in 1961 by Anthony Pagano, Sr. and after 57 years in business, is currently the longest running family owned and operated real estate in the Astoria/Long Island City area. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, Mr. Pagano had to change his last name for business purposes to "Page" to counter ethnic bias in the business community. He used Page back then and it has stuck ever since. Many nonagenarians in Astoria still come in to our office with fond stories that start with "Back when Anthony Sr. sold me my first home..." or "Anthony Sr. rented me my first apartment in 1971...".

Anthony J In the 1990s, prior to his death and after more than 30 years at the helm, Mr. Pagano passed the business on to his son, Anthony J. Pagano, who was Page Real Estate's President for the next 20 years. In 2011, Anthony J. passed away and the business is now run by his sons and daughters, who represent the third generation for Page Real Estate. The Pagano Family will happily and proudly continue the hard work their forefathers began and look forward to helping shape the Queens real estate scene for at least the next 57 years.

About Us Now

Over the last 57 years Page Real Estate has made a huge impact on the bustling neighborhood around it, through the desire to find clients their future homes, not just apartments, renting and selling properties to diverse cultures and serving our clients with kindness. We at Page Real Estate have a long tradition to uphold and pride ourselves on providing the highest level of service and doing the best possible job for all our clients.

Whether you’re in need of renting, buying, selling or would like additional information about real estate in Queens, especially in Astoria, Long Island City, Elmhurst, Jackson Heights or Kew Gardens, please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail. We love referrals.